Addressing School Absence


Since 2006 schools have been measured on their attendance figures as well as their attainment and test results.  So when we do not achieve certain percentages the attendance consultants chase us for improvements. In order to keep our attendance levels good and in line with the National average of 96%.

We have two main areas that we need to improve:

Reducing Illness Days

When a child has a day off we must be notified by a parent or carer as to why.  This could be via a text or a telephone call.  A child returning to school after an absence will be marked as unauthorised absence until we receive one or the other.

If your child is saying they do not feel well and you are unsure about whether it warrants a day off please send them to school.  If they are truly ill we will ring you.


  • Please attempt to book dental or medical appointments outside of school time.
  • If it is necessary to take your child out of school for an appointment, please do your best to book it after 2pm to allow your child to have their registration mark for the afternoon.
  • If it is necessary to have a morning appointment please try and bring your child to school first to get their mark and then return them to school after the appointment.

Holidays in school time

  • If you need to request holiday time in term time please contact Molana Tokeer for a holiday request form.
  • There must be exceptional reasons as to why the holiday needs to be taken then.  Please do not book the holiday and then ask for permission.
  • Where holidays are not authorised by the school but still taken a penalty notice will be applied for. (see attendance policy)

What is school doing?

  • Rewarding children for good attendance termly
  • Support for individual, targeted families
  • Calling parents on the first day of absence if a reason is not given
  • Half termly scrutiny of all absences
  • Tightening up on authorising holiday leave


being in school at least 96% of the time

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