The school year begins in September with the Autumn Term and ends in July at the end of the Summer Term. There are three terms a year, we also include a two week period which is the Ramadhan Term in which we teach all the core subjects but with an Islamic theme. This term is not fixed and changes every year to coincide with Ramadhan. Where possible we try to keep all holidays in line with national schools.

The annual intake is in September of each year. All admissions are fairly assessed and each child must take an admission test, although this is for the benefit of the teachers, so as to assess what level the child will be working at and will not affect the selection process. All parents are invited to an induction meeting during the preceding summer term when admissions have been finalised.

Upon acceptance of a place into the school, an admission fee of £100.00 per child will be payable, this is a non refundable payment and pays for all administration costs, a school bag and books throughout the school life. The annual school fees are £1320 which breaks down to £110 per month (split in 12 months), either paid by direct debit or cash.

Please feel free to download an application form or you can contact the office to receive a copy.

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