>> Rawdha Admission & Exclusion Policy
>> Rawdha Behaviour Guidance Policy
>> Rawdha Anti Bullying Policy
>> Rawdha Child Protection Policy
>> Rawdha Complaints Policy
>> Rawdha Complaints Pro-forma
>> Rawdha Healthy Eating Policy
>> Rawdha Safer Recruitment Policy

The school also has the following policies. (Available upon Request)

  1. Statement of General Principles
  2. Rawdha Ethos
  3. Rawdha Attendance and children missing education Policy
  4. Rawdha British Values Policy
  5. Complaints Guidance for parents/guardians
  6. Rawdha Code of Conduct
  7. Rawdha Confidentiality Policy
  8. Rawdha DDA Policy
  9. Rawdha Disciplinary Rules and Procedures
  10. Rawdha Early Years Policy
  11. Rawdha Equal Opportunity Policy
  12. Rawdha Feedback Pro-forma
  13. Rawdha Fire & Evacuation Policy
  14. Rawdha First Aid, Health, Illness and Medicine Policy
  15. Rawdha Gifted & Talented Policy
  16. Rawdha Homework Policy
  17. Rawdha Internet (e) Policy
  18. Rawdha Late Arrival Policy
  19. Rawdha Literacy Policy
  20. Rawdha Marking Policy
  21. Rawdha Mathematics Policy
  22. Rawdha Medication Administration Policy
  23. Rawdha Medical Consent Pro-forma
  24. Rawdha Missing Child Policy
  25. Rawdha Off-Site Activity Policy
  26. Rawdha Off-Site Insurance Pro-forma
  27. Rawdha Planning Policy
  28. Rawdha Risk Assessment Policy
  29. Rawdha Safeguarding Pupils Policy
  30. Safeguarding Prevent Policy
  31. Safeguarding FGM policy
  32. Rawdha Presentation Policy
  33. Rawdha Adverse Weather Policy
  34. Rawdha Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Development Policy
  35. Rawdha Staff Induction Policy
  36. Rawdha staff Rules Policy
  37. Rawdha Staff Dress Code Policy
  38. Rawdha Pupil Toileting Policy
  39. Rawdha Uncollected Pupils Policy
  40. Rawdha Whistle-blowing Policy
  41. Rawdha Use of Cameras/Mobile Phones and Taking Photographic Images Policy

All policies are available in the office during opening hours and can be acquired by request through the contact us section of the website.