The school is established upon three main principles.

  1. Safe guarding the children’s Imaan.
  2. Seeking the pleasure and love of Allah by adopting the Sunnah in all areas of life.
  3. Providing the children with an excellent standard of education that prepares them for the challenges they will face in this world and more importantly the hereafter.
  4. Embedding in the childrens’ hearts values that will prepare them to live in Britain respecting each and every one they meet.

The aims and goals of the school are:

  • To win the hearts of the children by providing a positive and loving environment
  • To develop the character of the children so that they fulfil the purpose of their existence
  • To reinforce and incorporate Islamic etiquettes and values throughout the school day.
  • To provide a solid education without compromising in the commands of Allah(swt), as explained by his messenger Muhammad(pbuh).
  • To inculcate a love for learning
  • To teach respect for all living creatures and the environment.
  • To teach them values which will allow them to live amongst multi-cultural environments. To prepare them with values that will allow them to live in Britain.