About Us


The name Rawdha comes from the Arabic root to exercise (for development) to train, to break (a colt). The word Rawdha literally means, a watery meadow, a luxuriant garden. The word Uloom is the plural form of ‘Ilm which means knowledge, and we can translate it as branches or faculties of knowledge. Therefore the name can be translated as a watery meadow with springs of knowledge.


Rawdhatul Uloom was set up in January 2006 with five pupils, following the vision of a great individual with a desire to educate his children in the best possible way, and to have a school which would serve to be a learning ground for Muslim children, instilling in them Islamic values and social skills needed in later life. Currently the school has more than 100 children on roll.

Current Situation

The School is spacious and has 7 classrooms from Reception to Year 6. There are appropriate toilet and ablution facilities as well as a large hall used at assembly, break, lunch and prayer times, a library and ICT Suite is also present. Currently we have over 100 students on roll at our school.